Tara Refuge Prayer

Tara Refuge Prayer
Calligraphy montage, 21x30 cm (2017)
Tibetan script: Betsu

na mo
lama yidam jetsun ma
chogsum gyalwa gyamthso la
dagsog drokün jangchub bar
tsechig güpä kyabsu chi


Losar Tashi Delek!

The Year of the Fire Rooster
Calligraphy (2017)



Samsara (tib: 'khor.ba)
Callygraphy montage, 21x30 cm (2016)

Wheel of life with six realms
Six classes of beings (Skt. ṣaḍgati; Tib. rigs drug) — the major modes of existence within samsara, each caused and dominated by a particulardestructive emotion:

hell beings (dmyal ba) - anger
hungry ghosts, or pretas (yi dvags) - miserliness
animals (dud 'gro) - stupidity
human beings (mi) - desire
demi-gods, or asuras (lha min) - jealousy
gods (lha) - pride

The first three constitute the three lower realms and the latter three, the three higher realms.


milam | traumgleich | dream-like

Milam (tib.: rmi.lam) dream-like
Calligraphy, 30x21 cm (2016)
black indian ink on prepared silkpaper


Lha Gyal Lo!

Lha Gyal Lo! May the gods be victorious!
Calligraphy, 30x21 cm (2016)
black indian ink on prepared fotopaper
(foto by Claudia Reinhold on fb)


Sun & Moon

sun & moon | nyima - dawa
Calligraphy, 20x20 cm (2016)
colored indian ink on canvas



Calligraphy, 30x21 cm (2016)
red indian ink on prepared fotopaper

Lungta (Tib.: rlung rta) literally 'windhorse'. A mythical Tibetan creature symbolizing the inner air or wind of the body and related aspects of the Buddhist path.